Artwork & Cylinder Creation

Your packaging is your brand; we take that seriously. The graphic art and design experts at Ohio Pack are leaders in the field. This, combined with the most advanced cylinder plating process available, means we can produce your artwork using an unprecedented 5-color process with unparalleled precision and true color vibrancy.

Close Collaboration


Your trusted brand and recognizable artwork are vital to the success of your product, which is why our design experts work closely with you from the beginning of the project. Once we receive your artwork, we pre-flight it, ensuring that the size, colors, and all other requirements are clearly specified—and correct.

When you choose our 5-color process, we perform the color match conversion. Our press and proofing equipment are calibrated to match each other perfectly. As well, the color charts from the press are charted by our design professionals to match the CMYK values to each customer’s original spot colors. Customers receive digital and hardcopy proofs, and once we have their approval, the artwork is transferred to the cylinder process, where they are engraved


Added Value

  • You can receive full-color graphic film to generate mock-up sample products.
  • As market changes fluctuate, you have the flexibility to make graphic changes.

Our Exceptional 5-Color Process

We can run a 1- to 10-color process for your artwork, but the 5-color process is our sweet spot—and most often—will be yours as well. It means you can reduce the number of cylinders it takes to print your package.

It’s Quantifiably Better … Here’s Why:

  • Using just five colors, we’re able to attain the same hues that can be created with a 6- to 10-color print.
  • This reduces the number of cylinders needed (from 6 to 10 down to 5) and provides a substantial savings of approximately $1,000 per cylinder.
  • Now, multiply that by 25 jobs. If you require eight cylinders, add that additional three onto each job. You are now looking at 25 x 3 = $75,000 savings.
  • Our cylinder lines are fully automated. We can run concurrent production cycles, which also saves time and money.

Cylinder Creation


Cylinder creation is an impressive display of art and science—and Ohio Pack, being one of very few integrative packaging facilities in North America, is also one of the only ones that creates our own cylinders. It’s a complex process that we have mastered … precisely so you don’t have to. Your job is to package food and goods so people can live their best lives. We’re glad you trust us to help you do that.

What’s important for you to know is what you achieve with our proprietary cylinder creation:

  • Produces memorable branding—designs are precise, color is perfect and vibrant
  • Saves money—less color is needed for the same packaging
  • Saves time—on change overs
  • Saves resources—less water is used in the cleanup

Cylinder Process

Here’s the high-level view of what occurs in the cylinder engraving process. Each cylinder has its own color. Depending on the number of colors/cylinders used, each cylinder is engraved with the same print.

It’s a 6-step process:

We’re happy to provide you with more details about our artwork and cylinder creation processes. Contact us at any time and we’ll answer any questions or inquiries you have. We look forward to hearing from you.