Blown Film Production

Blown film creates the foundation of your packaging, which is why we have dedicated time and resources to design a blown film process that is unique in the industry. This custom-designed, stable production environment gives us complete control over the most vital first step in producing your packaging. The extrusion of the film through a tubular-shaped die is what gives it its shape, then it is stretched and air blown to the various thicknesses. The films used are polyethylene, available in thickness from 1 mil to 8 mils, and 1.4 meters maximum web width.

Ohio Pack’s blown film division is climate controlled—a massive differentiator from other packaging manufacturers. Having a climate-controlled room means there is no heat interference and allows for a more stable bubble. This allows us to produce the five-layered film with consistency and to exact specifications.

Looking for a certain film thickness and width? Ohio Pack provides flexibility in film structures for broad food and non-food applications.

We’re happy to provide you with more details about our blown film production. Contact us at any time and we’ll answer any questions or inquiries you have. We look forward to hearing from you.