Q. Can I visit?

A. We’re happy to give you a tour of the facility. Contact us for an appointment.

Q. When are you open for production?

A. Our grand opening is October 15, 2019.

Q. What products are available?

A. We provide a number of products (explained below), that can be processed through to a finished pouch, or we can sell any of the below items as a finished product. We produce four types of films:
1. Blown film: This is the foundation of your packaging, and the most vital step in how we produce your packaging. Our climate-controlled process is unique in the industry, which provides a very stable production environment when blowing the film.
2. Laminated: Laminated film helps protect your products in a variety of ways. It strengthens the packaging material, protecting it from puncturing; helps prevent deterioration from environmental influences: moisture, oxygen, gas, light, and other spoilage agents; keeps food and products fresher in quality, taste, and aroma.
3. Printed and laminated: Your customized branding can be printed on your customized packaging, which will achieve enhanced protection with lamination that fits your needs.
4. Finished pouches: Whatever end-product you want to package—food, beverage, cosmetics, dry goods, or lifestyle products—your finished pouches will be produced within an ecosystem that has been built specifically for its concept-to-market expediency.

Q. What are Ohio Pack’s lead times?

A. Because we are fully integrated, we have among the shortest lead times in the industrial packaging industry.

Q. What pouch styles are available?

A. Ohio Pack offers five types of pouches.
1. Pocket Zip
2. Sleeve in Pouch (SIP)
3. Fancy Cut (FC)
4. Standing Zip
5. Cheertainer® (CZ)

Q. What is Ohio Pack’s artwork proof process?

We work closely with you throughout the proof process. Once the graphic is received by our design professionals, we color adjust it and confirm that it meets specification and dye parameters. Our press and proofing equipment are calibrated to match each other perfectly. As well, the color charts from the press are charted by our design experts to match the CMYK values to each customer’s original spot colors. The color-adjusted graphic is printed  and sent to the customer, along with new specifications and dye lines. From there, the customer will either approve or send it back for edits. Once approved, the artwork is transferred to the cylinder process, which is where the engraving is completed. From there, it will be sent to printing and lamination.