OP Global Partnerships

The global partnership between Ohio Pack, CDF Corporation, Hosokawa Yoko, Co., Ltd., and Quadpak allows you access to an entire ecosystem dedicated to the production of customized, exceptional-quality packaging.

It means that you get:

  • A powerhouse of packaging expertise
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • The most advanced equipment and printing processes
  • Customized flexible packaging made to fit your specification and brand

About Our Global Partners

CDF Corporation

CDF Corporation is a family-owned global business that utilizes a broad and deep knowledge base to create high-quality packaging systems tailored to meet customer needs. CDF excels in these key packaging areas: deep-draw vacuum-forming, blow molding, intermediate bulk container, bag-in-box solutions, and heat sealing. The award-winning Meta® Pail with Smart Pail inside is disrupting the plastic pail industry with great success. CDF manufactures products ranging in sizes from 2 ounces to 330 gallons in its Plymouth, Massachusetts ISO-certified facility. CDF’s products satisfy a variety of markets and applications, including the food and beverage, chemical, and cosmetic industries.

Hosokawa Yoko Co., LTD.

With a focus on product development, Hosokawa Yoko is known for its innovative, advanced development of new applications and new designs of existing products. Hosokawa Yoko manufactures and sells flexible packaging materials and molded plastic products, packaging machinery, and plans and develops other packaging systems. Hosokawa Yoko’s unique and original made-to-order packages are used worldwide across a vast array of markets.


Quadpak is the Swedish-based manufacturer of pillow bag-in-box, Cheertainer® bag-in-box, stand up pouches, and other flexible packaging. Quadpak’s business is based on innovation that results in the highest quality, affordable bag-in-box products. Specializing in both pillow and cube-shaped bag manufacturing, Quadpak has a packaging solution for dairy, juice, wine and food, as well as the chemical and automotive industries.