A Collaboration to Help Customers


Ohio Pack is a joint venture between two family-owned companies: CDF Corporation in Boston, MA and Hosokawa Yoko in Tokyo, Japan, both known innovators in the packaging sectors they serve. CDF has disrupted the industrial packaging industry with its flexible packaging solutions, which boast very favorable sustainability profiles. Hosokawa Yoko is a manufacturing and product development company, focusing on the innovative, advanced development of new applications and new designs of existing products.

CDF and Hosokawa Yoko (HY) have been working together for over 20 years and have collaborated on finished products, namely spouted pouches in North America. As well, the form-fit liners in CDF’s flexible packaging group are derived from unique advanced technology designed and patented by Hosokawa Yoko.

The creation of Ohio Pack was a natural evolution, since Hosokawa Yoko has customers in North America that it has been supplying from Japan. Having a facility that is convenient to many existing customers allows Ohio Pack to:

  • Create a more collaborative integrated packaging solution experience for customers
  • Manufacture product in North America with reduced lead times
  • Help customers efficiently grow their existing product lines
  • Provide exceptionally responsive customer support

Our Facility


The vision was to build a manufacturing facility to produce our own films. Our 132,000-square-foot operation includes renovated office space and a brand new, advanced-technology production floor. We knew it needed to be a fully integrated facility, allowing us to custom engineer all the equipment, technology, and processes needed to provide exceptional products.

These cornerstone components include:

  • Highest-tech, modern cylinder plating to control the process, improve lead times, and reduce costs
  • Blown film facility to produce film requirements to customer specification and also become a primary supply CDF’s films
  • Specially built printing and laminating processes to provide fully customized printing and expert art design with vibrant color capability
  • Perfect location, conveniently located within the manufacturing belt—which has an experienced labor force—and to more efficiently serve customers


In short, we went all over the world in search of the most advanced technology and equipment to bring on the best of the best—including expert talent. And we put it all together in one, highly efficient, fully integrated industrial packaging production facility.

Production Capabilities

  • 134,000-square-foot facility in Johnstown, OH
  • 5-layer blown film line
  • Pre-press and cylinder manufacturing
  • 10-color rotogravure printing line; capable of printing two 5-color process jobs concurrently
  • 1 triplex laminator
  • 2 high-speed slitters and 2 rewinders with vision systems
  • 1 high-speed pouching machine; space for expansion

Dedicated Production Centers

  • Cylinder manufacturing in a temperature-controlled room
  • Blown film in a temperature-controlled white room
  • Printing and laminating in temperature- and humidity-controlled white room
  • Class 100,000 finishing clean room

The Inspiration for
Ohio Pack’s Logo

The concept for Ohio Pack’s logo was created by Toru Ichikawa, Director of Business Development at Hosokawa Yoko. His inspiration came from wanting to represent natural and “green” elements—he envisioned a tree. The circular tree shape embodies the O, and the trunk symbolizes the P of Ohio Pack. The simplified design pared it down to an integrated O shape, further symbolizing the fully integrated approach Ohio Pack employs to make production as efficient as possible for customers, while also being a nod to Ohio Pack’s sustainability vision. The warm blue and orange tones represent the warm, nourishing colors often associated with food, as much of the packaging Ohio Pack produces is used for the food and beverage industry—a good portion of which is for children’s products.