Slitting & Rewinding

After lamination, your products are finished with slitting and rewinding. Edges are sized; the product is inspected and imperfections are eliminated.

The slitting machine shears large rolls of film into narrower rolls. Ohio Pack uses a state-of-the-art technology, which provides a 100% automated process capability, allowing low cost and high precision for mass production.

The rewinding process certifies the exceptional wrinkle-free quality of your final film; we calibrate the tension of the roll so that it runs through the pouch-making line without stress.

Every roll is inspected to ensure it is defect-free. The inspection rewinder flags any imperfections. The roll is loaded onto the rewinder; as the material runs through the machine, a strobe light and vision camera system allow the operator to identify any imperfections and ensure the quality of the finished product. The vision camera offers oversight that signals any adjustments to be made and also provides documentation that allows the team to record vital data.

Class 100,000 Clean Room

We’re ultimately helping you to feed people and know the vital nature of that responsibility: produce a final product free of contaminants.

The finishing room is the cleanest room in the facility—a Class 100,000 clean room. It has 28 HEPA filters that keep the room free of dust and particles. Anyone entering the finishing room is required to walk through an air shower and wear protective gloves and Tyvek suits. The finishing room is outfitted with hygienic plastic pallets.

We’re happy to provide you with more details about our finishing processes. Contact us at any time and we’ll answer any questions or inquiries you have. We look forward to hearing from you.