Envisioning a Better World

Investing in a Clean Future


You choose packaging that meets the lifestyle preferences of your end users: ease, convenience, safety, freshness, shelf-life longevity, ease of recycling, and positive sustainability goals.

We feel the same way about why we make the products we do and how we operate while making them.

Protecting the Environment


We have taken steps to limit the amount of natural resources we use during production, and also treat/filter the resources when they are sent back into the environment. Ohio Pack uses the VACUDEST® vacuum distillation system during the engraving process. This system treats the water and allows it to be recycled back into the production process, creating a zero liquid discharge production. Any water returned to the local waterways is clean.

The entire rotogravure printing operation uses a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) system, which means the room is under negative pressure, ensuring all fumes are going to the exhaust. RTO is air pollution control equipment designed to decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and other airborne solvents into innocuous CO2 and water vapor by heating the exhaust air to a very high temperature. We have a failsafe system set up: if the RTO isn’t running, the machines do not run. They are interlocked, so the printing and lamination operations need to “ask for permission” from the RTO to run.

Ohio Pack Sustainability Initiatives


  • Ohio Pack limits the use of natural resources, and reuses resources by treating them, returning only clean, filtered air and water to the surrounding community.
  • Ohio Pack has installed HEPA air systems that capture and filter fumes prior release; all fumes that leave Ohio Pack have been filtered and cleaned before released from the building.
  • During the construction of the plant, Ohio Pack converted a large parcel of a parking lot back into green space, planting grass and trees.
  • The entire facility operates via an auto on/off light system.
  • Ohio Pack is actively working with suppliers to bring up the sustainability quotient for more sustainable, recycle-ready products, and we supply companies that are working towards greater sustainability.
  • Ohio Pack regrinds the trim and pellets from the blown film. Some of the material gets put back into the production process, while some is sent back to the supplier.

Investing in a sustainable future while providing films and packaging products that support healthy, convenient lifestyle choices now is a vision worth pursuing. Contact us to find the right packaging that works with yours.